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Kelvin Buckner

Kelvin Buckner
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My commitment is to make a positive impact on the lives of everyone I come into contact with, both personal and professional! I firmly believe that the true value of helping others isn’t rooted in gaining recognition or wealth. It’s about demonstrating and preserving a strong, integrity-filled character across all paths of life!

Originally from Columbus, Georgia, Kelvin has lived in both Atlanta and Dallas Fort Worth, areas known for their unique energy and metropolitan lifestyles. Kelvin brings over 20 years of sales expertise, which gives him a competitive edge most clients are looking for.

Kelvin has spent over 20 years building lifelong relationships in the Sales industry. He spent an amazing 21 year career in the Auto industry holding various positions such as Finance Director, General Sales Manager and also a General Manager University graduate for the largest publicly owned automotive group in the world!

He had a slogan that echoed in the car business, stating! “We help customers have the best experience putting dreams in driveways!

When he transitioned into real estate, the commitment remained the same however, the slogan slightly changed! Now it’s, “We assist our clients to have the best experience finding the driveway of their dreams!

Kelvin and the Echelon Group joined eXp Realty in 2022 with a vision that would spearhead new opportunities for continued rapid growth and success the brokerage is already recognized for.

He knew from the start that this opportunity would take a lot of momentum and hard work. In his first year, He sold over 30 homes, received eXp’s Icon recognition award, and was mentioned in the Real Producer Magazine.

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